Analyrical – The Analysis of Things Lyrical

Hello everyone and welcome to Analyrical.  My name is Ryan and here I’ll be looking at the lyrics from various artists, both popular and possibly relatively unknown, and analyzing them for literary content, theme, and overall meaning.  I plan on including music from all genres, however please don’t be disappointed if it lingers on one or another for a while.  Whenever possible, I will look at an entire album at a time, because sometimes it can be interesting to see the connections between the individual songs on them.  The first album that I will be analyzing is Kevin Fowler’s  Beer, Bait, and Ammo.   Yes, it’s a country artist, but its the album that inspired me to start this and originally I thought about focusing only on country music, because there is a surprising amount of deep meaning in some of the songs.  I say surprising, because prior to really listening I thought all of it was kind of hokey and silly, but I have since changed my mind and here you see me now, writing away.  Anyways, I wanted to get  a post up describing what will go on here and what to look forward to.  I will get a suggestion box up eventually where you can suggest songs, artists and albums that you want to have analyzed, but for right now I am still getting a feel for WordPress and do not know how to do that.

Check back soon for my first analysis!



One Response to “Analyrical – The Analysis of Things Lyrical”

  1. Bev Morgan Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    this sounds interesting and I would like to follow along on this. how do I go about doing this?

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