Kevin Fowler — Beer, Bait, and Ammo

Since I haven’t finished getting my first analyses written, I decided to give a brief introduction to both Kevin Fowler and the album that I’ll be covering.  So first off, here’s a small introduction to Kevin Fowler:

Kevin Fowler is a country music artist from Amarillo, TX and is quite popular all around the state. He started out his career by joining the hard rock band Dangerous Toys after attending the Guitar Institute of Technology. After that he started his own southern hard rock band Thumderfoot, but after a while he decided that he wanted to get back to his roots and play country like the music he grew up listening to. So he started a new band and began playing in Austin, TX. In 2000 he recorded his first album Beer, Bait and Ammo. Since then he has released four other albums and tours all around Texas as well as south and western states.

The album Beer, Bait and Ammo consists of twelve songs

  1. Speak of the Devil
  2. Butterbean
  3. Penny for Your Thoughts
  4. Hellbent for a Heartache
  5. I Found Out the Hard Way
  6. If These Old Walls Could Talk
  7. Beer, Bait and Ammo
  8. Read Between the Lines
  9. You Could’ve Had It All
  10. J.O.B.
  11. Drinkin’ Days
  12. 100% Texan

I’ll work on getting the first analysis up sometime Friday evening, but for now I apologize for the delay and hope you enjoyed the filler.


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