Kevin Fowler — Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil is an upbeat, fun narrative that talks about an experience with someone who was not as she appeared to be.  The narrator starts out by describing the initial situation  as ‘life saving,’ finding this woman who is seemingly what he’s been looking for, but as he finds out, she ends up being a bit too hot to handle.

Heaven sent an angel to me to save me from life’s misery
She seemed to fall right outta the sky
I caught her here in my arms
Well life was pretty peachy things were really keen
All the sudden that ol‘ gal got mean
Her wings fell off she started turnin’ red
And that old broken halo fell right off of her head yeah…

In the first stanza there is a fun reversal that happens between the first three lines and the last three.  The first all talk about the initial situation and how he was relieved to find her and with the ‘I caught her here in my arms’ line implies that he thought he might be saving her from the ‘fall’ too.  Then there comes the 4th line which continues the happy theme of the firs two, but it leads right into the last three where she shows her true colors.  Alternatively this stanza could be  interpreted as him having  been in a bad relationship, extremely desperate and glad to find someone else and in the last three lines of the first stanza just realizing that she’s not all that he thought she was.  Either way, the imagery of the fallen angel fits well with the theme of someone misrepresenting him or herself.

Speak of the devil here she comes
Yeah, she’s got this poor boy on the run
Oh, I swear she’s got horns and a tail
A pitchfork and a book of spells
Speak of the devil here she comes, and here I go!

The chorus puts a slight spin on the common English idiom ‘speak of the devil and he will come.’  The chorus uses the classical imagery of the devil with his tail, horns, and pitchfork, however he adds a spellbook, which  wouldn’t normally make sense, since if you’re going with the classical  superstition, the devil would have been the source of a witch’s power and wouldn’t need a spellbook.  Of course, it does here, since in his allusion to witchcraft he’s indirectly calling this woman a witch as well.  It also implies that she’s found him talking to us before he excuses himself.

Fallen angel fell from grace
They kicked her out of that heavenly place
She was a raisin’ hell and breakin’ all the rules
Tellin’ lies, breakin’ hearts, being mean and cruel
So now she’s down here on earth doin’ the devil’s dirty work
Stealin’ the soul of every man she can find
Sweet lips and pretty eyes oh they were a thin disguise
My little angel was a devil all along oh…

Here he continues his fallen angel metaphor and in gossip style talks about how she must’ve been like in the past.  Aside from the continuing metaphor and the reiteration that she deceived him with her looks, there isn’t much else to look at here.

Tryin’ to duck, tryin’ to dodge, tryin’ to shake her
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, I can’t escape her
She’s everywhere I go she knows my every move
Oh I know I’m bound to lose

In this bridge before the final chorus he shows how desperate he is to get away from her (which if we went for interpretation B of the first stanza would make it a clever parallelism!).  He also reveals that she’s also somewhat of a stalker, showing up wherever he goes to get away from her.

Overall it is just a fun song about misleading appearances.  I know some of Kevin Fowler’s songs are based off of real experiences from what I’ve read, however I don’t know if this one is or not.  It makes clever use of a common saying and creative use of well known imagery, while this isn’t my favorite song on the album, it is fun to listen and sing along to.

The next song up on the list is Butterbean which I’ll have up sometime next week.  I’m going to be going to a convention and don’t know if I’ll have internet access, so the earliest I can guarantee it is next Thursday, however it could come earlier depending on what happens.   I plan on eventually getting a steady schedule of two updates a week on Tues and Thurs, but we’ll have to see how that works out.  I hope you all enjoyed, please leave comments on how I can do better.



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