Kevin Fowler — I Found Out The Hard Way

I Found Out the Hard Way is an upbeat song that could be interpreted as a follow-up to Hellbent for a Heartache in that its a scenario where he’s at the point where he finds out that the person he… well… apparently this time married to is cheating on him. However, if this has any connection to Hellbent it should be noticed that in this song he makes a commitment to looking before he leaps the next time.

Well now, I found out the hard way about your lyin’ cheatin’ way
Next time I’ll listen to what they say before I say, “I do.”
I was blinded by love I couldn’t see straight, now I wised up a little too late
I found out the hard way ’bout you

The song starts out by rhyming the word ‘way’ with itself which is something which strikes me as lazy writing, but then again there are only so many ways you can write a line like that. The chorus is, appropriately, a summary of the rest of the song. It shows a surprising change from the man who’s supposedly ‘hellbent’ for a heartache since the word ‘hellbent’ means ‘unable to be changed.’ Of course, there is always the fact that other things could go wrong for him in his relationships which this change might not effect. This is also imagining the two songs as being related, which I like doing.

Well I heard it from my buddy who had heard it from a friend
Who heard it from somebody else who’d seen you out again
Thought somebody must be wrong, there must be some mistake
Why would you wanna make my poor heart ache

He starts off the verse by listing how he found out about this woman’s cheating on him and I really enjoy how he drags it out. He also doesn’t believe it at first, which is due to him being infatuated, but from the amount of people between the source and him it would be somewhat smart to question the validity of a claim like that. Aside from an AABB type rhyme scheme here there isn’t much to look at here.


(Oh yeah I did!)

Many times I tried to tell myself it wasn’t true
Any fool could see what was goin’ on
Yeah, I was livin’ in my own little world of make believe
Why must I always be the last to know

At this point he turns to denial even though the facts are plain to see for everyone including him. The lyrics here are actually completely straightforward and I can’t really think of anything I could add to them.


Goin’ through life with blinders on it’s hard to see the light
You’ll fooled me once, but never twice my eyes are open wide

The bridge reinforces what he says over and over in the chorus and seems to make an actual commitment to what he’s saying and emphasizes it with hyperbole.

Chorus x 2

Yeah! I found out the hard way ’bout you.

Oh, I found out the hard way ’bout you, you, oh no.

The reason why I marked each chorus occurrence in this song is because of the lead-ins. They were different each time and are the only reason why the chorus didn’t become extremely annoying since it was repeated FIVE times. This is only really a problem, because the song is catchy and easy to get stuck in your head.

Overall the song is a funny narrative about someone who’s in denial about the one he loves cheating on him. This is something many people can relate to and it probably happens more than most people would want. In making this an upbeat song Kevin seems to make it out to be poking fun at those he describes in this song saying, “I know what its like, but you’re still losers.” in hopes of teaching them a lesson that they need to get with it or they’ll continually make the same mistakes.

This one took me way longer than I expected it to and I apologize. The past few weeks have been interesting as I have moved down to Austin, TX and am looking for a job. I’ll get to work on the next song soon and hopefully I’ll get on a better schedule for this thing.



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